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M/s , D/s, & BDSM books & websites




1. SM 101: A realistic Introduction

By Jay Wiseman


2. Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns

By: Phillip Miller, Molly Devon, and William A. Granzig


3. Ties That Bind

By: Guy Baldwin, Joseph Bean


4. Partners in Power

by Jack Rinella


5. The Complete Slave: Creating and Living and Erotic Dominant/Submissive Lifestyle By: Jack Rinella


6. The Loving Dominant

By: John Warren


7. The Master's Manual

by Jack Rinella


8. Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It and How To Do It Safely By: William A Henkin, Sybil Holiday


9. Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual

By: Christina Abernathy


10. Slavecraft

by Guy Baldwin


Books available at the following websites


Discount BDSM Bookshop






Wylde Enterprises



BDSM Books



Barnes and Noble



Kinky Books





Castle Realm

With over 400 articles on almost every subject imaginable. It also has links to Barnes & Noble with a list of books that are available through them, and it has post cards that are available free of charge.



Wiz Domme Pages

Highly reccommended, it has articles, a photo gallery, a wonderful links section and it even has a "Newbie Pack" which is a collection of articles focused on individuals new to the lifestyle., and also free e-cards



Steel Door

Mistress Steel has a wonderful collection of articles on a wide variety of subjects, each one well written and informative.



Frugal Domme

Nmerous articles , There is a section on local groups, a section on making your own toys, there is also a fabulous section on links, the number of websites listed is phenomenal.



D/s Kiosk

This site has a lot to offer, discussion boards, personals, links, articles, picture galleries, and so much more.




This site has something for everyone, straight, gay, bisexual. Vanilla, or lifestyle ... Hundreds of articles, both fictional and non- fictional, from sexuality to religion ... Learn how to give a massage or exploring the fine art of celibacy




This site has a great section on law, and legal issues, a newbie section, and a section on safety amongst many other areas. This site is definitely worth looking at, and exploring it's vast sections. http://www.bdsmcafe.com/resource/main.html


Deviants Dictionary

This is an excellent site of definitions, information and links, if you need to know what a word means on a checklist then this is where to go. http://public.diversity.org.uk/deviant/frames.htm


Fetish Alliance

Numerous articles including a "new to the scene" section, several articles on training and a hole bunch of how to articles to help educate the curious. Extremely well organized and easy to move about.



Iron Rose

Iron rose is an unbelievable site with an extensive library of articles, and a resource center that is phenomenal to say the least; there is even a section on kink aware professionals.

http://www.iron-rose.com/IR/library.htm this is the link directly to their library.

http://www.iron-rose.com/IR/resource.htm this is the link directly to the resource area.



This site has a wonderful listing of training and 24/7 slavery information, one thing I found to be very interesting was the punishment journal and sample journal, to show others how to create these little artistic ideas. There is also a great section on links.



The Chateau De Sade.

This site has some great graphics and some well-chosen articles. Everything from ponies and puppies to abuse and understanding the wonders of control, the vast array of articles is fabulous. After you catch on to how to navigate the site it is someplace worth further exploration.



Caryl's BDSM & Fetish

This site has a great selection of local and not so local groups and organizations under their "meet people" section. If you want to find a local group this is definitely the place to find them, even if you are from Canada, the UK, Australia and other countries too numerous to mention.



BDSM Education

This site has one of the most extensive BDSM dictionaries I have seen on the net; I mean it is thirty-five pages long if you print it off. It has everything I have ever heard of and some things that I am dieing to check out. Other than that it has an extremely thorough negotiation checklist and a very inventive section on creative toys (Pervertables).



M/S resources





Masters And slaves Together Home Page



Responsibilities of a Dominant


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